Shalini Dharna

Money Mindset, Prosperity, Financial Advisory, Wealth Management

Shalini is a highly sought after CFO, CPA based in Mississauga. She is an award-winning and recognized Accountant,  with a talent for translating numbers to english!. She has one mission – financial literacy and empowerment! Breaking down technical knowledge into bite size pieces, Shalini always has her audience laughing, engaged and engrossed! 

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Shalini Dharna, CPA, CFO, is more than just a speaker; she’s a beacon of prosperity and empowerment. From humble beginnings in her family’s business to her current role as a finance and business coach under the moniker 1Shalini, she has travelled the landscape of entrepreneurship, mastered its challenges and emerged as a lighthouse of guidance for countless individuals seeking financial independence, business knowledge and abundance.

With a relentless focus on empowering others to master their businesses, achieve financial freedom, and embrace abundance, Shalini has cultivated a reputation for her ‘translating numbers to English” and practical strategies. But her mission extends beyond just explaining financial concepts; she is dedicated to helping individuals design lives imbued with purpose, joy, and success.

Prosperity, as Shalini fervently believes, is a birthright, and she is committed to guiding others in claiming it. As a speaker, she doesn’t just bestow advice; she embodies prosperity in every strategy she designs and every word she speaks.

Shalini understands the struggles that trouble business owners: cash flow worries, inconsistent revenue, and unclear goals. Yet, she offers reassurance and practical solutions to navigate these challenges. With her innovative approach, she helps unleash the full potential of her clients,

guiding them through financial obstacles, setting achievable goals, and constructing sustainable revenue streams.

Through her speaking engagements, Shalini invites individuals to join her on a journey of transformation. Together, they shift mindsets, implement effective financial strategies, and foster personal growth. With her guidance, clients learn to navigate uncertainty with confidence, turning challenges into opportunities for prosperity. She has previously partnered with esteemed organizations like CPA Canada, Toronto Metropolitan University, Canadian Immigrant among others. She has also been awarded by The Mississauga Reader’s Choice multiple years.

Shalini Dharna has also been giving keynote presentations for around a decade for a variety of audiences. She is very enthusiastic about training and development, and she has developed numerous digital courses, programs and self-assessment tools aimed at translating “numbers into words,” for blended and online learning. Her passion culminated in the foundation of her family business – an accounting firm, Dharna CPA; where she serves a variety of organizations, including profound companies, universities, and public sector entities.

So, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, Shalini Dharna is here to lead you towards a future filled with abundance, success, and financial independence. Let her be your guide as you embark on this empowering journey towards prosperity. Her trajectory exemplifies the strength of resilience, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of ongoing education.

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