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About Digital Programs

Dive into the financial playground with 1Shalini’s digital programs! Unleash your inner entrepreneur with the “Entrepreneur Toolkit,” strategize your success with your trusty “Biz Buddy,” master the art of “Cashflow Wizardry,” or conquer tax season like a pro with the “Tax Prep Masterclass.” It’s time to level up your business game!

Digital Programs

Entrepreneur Toolkit 

A specially designed program for new entrepreneurs and small business owners (even online businesses!) who need help in understanding Canadian compliances & scaling their businesses! 


A one-of-a-kind DIY CFO Program with monthly support program that will help you build an incredibly rock-solid financial base for your business so you can finally live the life of ease & abundance you became an entrepreneur for!

Taxprep Masterclass

The Tax Prep Masterclass teaches you everything you need to know about tax preparation, from understanding tax laws and regulations to preparing documents for your accountant, and tax planning considerations!

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