Tax Prep Masterclass

Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Tax Preparation! Navigate the complexities and emerge empowered with expert insights and practical skills.

Are you tired of navigating the complex world of tax preparation on your own?

The Tax Prep Masterclass teaches you everything you need to know about tax preparation, from understanding tax laws and regulations to preparing documents for your accountant, and tax planning considerations!

What You’ll Learn

Our masterclass covers everything you need to know about tax preparation, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the intricate landscape of tax laws and regulations. Whether you’re an individual taxpayer or a small business owner, our comprehensive video training will guide you through the following key areas:

Detailed and Easy-to-Follow Explanations

Unravel the complexities of tax laws and regulations with our detailed and easy-to-follow explanations. No more confusion – just clarity!

Expert Support and Advice

Gain access to expert support and advice throughout the course. Our seasoned professionals are here to answer your questions and provide personalized guidance based on your unique tax situation.

"It was a pleasure working with Shalini from Dharna CPA. She explained everything to a beginner with patience & understanding. Her explanation of how various parts of accounting & taxes are interrelated was like storytelling using data. Highly recommend her."


"I would like to acknowledge Shalini Dharna of Dharna CPA, for an awesome experience and say thank you! So glad we connected and am very happy with your professionalism, knowledge, caring and customer service provided for my business accounting needs. Always quick to respond to inquiries, answer questions, explain for full understanding and guidance for best practices. I highly recommend!"

Gina Bello

"Working with Shalini from Dharna CPA has given me more time to spend working on things I love! She has also given me peace-of-mind knowing that my accounting and taxation needs are being taken care of. From the beginning, the team at Dharna CPA took time to understand my needs and explain all of my options so that I could make informed decisions while also trusting their experience and expertise. I would highly recommend their services."

Kelly Farrell

Why Choose Our Masterclass

Opt for our masterclass and access a comprehensive curriculum enriched with real-world insights. Enjoy lifetime access, interactive learning, and empower yourself with the skills needed for confident tax preparation

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our masterclass covers all the fundamental aspects of tax preparation, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to handle various scenarios confidently.

Practical Insights

Benefit from real-world insights shared by our experts, who regularly work with CFOs and tax clients. You’ll gain practical knowledge that goes beyond theory.

Lifetime Access

Once enrolled, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit the content whenever you need a refresher.

Interactive Learning

Engage in an interactive learning experience with engaging video content, quizzes, and opportunities to connect with fellow participants.

Meet Our Expert

Shalini Dharna


My name is Shalini Dharna and I am Chartered Professional Accountant and I absolutely love working with entrepreneurs such as yourself to make the entire process as stress free and tax efficient as possible. As a special thank you for purchasing this Masterclass, I am including some bonus worksheets to help you get tax ready. And for anyone who retains Dharna CPA as their tax accountant, you’ll get the cost of this Masterclass credited on your Dharna CPA bill. So what are we waiting for?

Shalini Dharna


Your Journey To Tax Mastery Starts Here!

Don’t let tax season stress you out – empower yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate it with confidence. Join our Tax Prep Masterclass today and take the first step towards mastering the art of tax preparation!

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