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Goal Planner

Want to turn dreams into reality? Download our free Goal Planner and crush any goal, big or small. Learn to set SMART objectives, track progress, and finally achieve that financial freedom, personal milestone, or anything else you set your mind to!

Growth Mindset Checklist

Unlock your business’s full potential with our Growth Mindset Checklist – your roadmap to turning “can’t” into “can” and “won’t” into “will”! The simple keys to turn your mindset into nothing but prosperity and abundance!

Money Conversation Prompts Checklist

Ready to spice up your financial discussions with a dash of romance? Introducing the Love & Money Conversations Prompt Checklist – because what’s better than mixing money talk with a sprinkle of love? Let’s turn those financial chats into date nights to remember!

Tax Perp Guide

This free guide equips you with everything you need for a smooth tax season – decode tax prep, discover sneaky write-offs, avoid CRA red flags, master tax planning, and never miss a deadline again. Download now, grab your favorite drink, and conquer taxes with ease! Don’t forget to share with your fellow entrepreneurs – together we can make tax season fun!

CRA Red Flags

Designed to give you a clear understanding of the most common red flags that can trigger a CRA audit, and provide you with practical tips on how to avoid them. Over the next few weeks we will also be sharing with you the criteria behind common small business red flags with a bonus of personal red flags at the end!