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Group CFO program for the service-based entrepreneur looking to help their business thrive, not just survive!

Set up your business for prosperous success, feel the power of understanding your numbers, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs all while being guided by a financial expert!

Introducing a CPA who does more than just taxes.

A key area of stress for entrepreneurs is numbers. Knowing and understanding your numbers is a key to success in both business and life- but we don’t ever talk about our numbers, we navigate that alone (or with the help of an accountant). But what we really need is a link… 

And for this particular program, you’ll find me wearing a CFO’s hat. A CFO helps small business owners manage and understand their finances including financial planning, risk assessment and financial reporting.  

Through this deep dive program, I will guide you in achieving financial health that is often deemed to be unachievable. Moreover, this program is a solid training based on my very own entrepreneurial journey. So, take a deep breath, for we are going to do this together! 

Shalini Dharna


Do you find yourself:

1. Lying awake at night stressing about your finances?

2. Wondering how much further ahead you would be if you had financial support all year round?

3. Wondering what your money stress level be if you had a financial expert in your corner guiding you on what to do and helping you action it?

4. Willing to invest in yourself and your business to really help you scale and grow?

5. Wanting to enjoy money and reward yourself for the work you do?

6. Wanting to leave a legacy for your family?

What if your new reality was


Knowing what your financial targets are so you can work towards them


Knowing how to track your financials so you have the information you need


More consistency in your cash flow and progress towards your financial goals


Having a financial expert to consult on what’s working and not working in your business


Taking control of the conversations around money and your financial team

Let’s face it

You went into business to offer your product or skills, but you’re expected to understand all this financial jargon that …well quite frankly you just don’t get or know where to begin with.  You hired a business coach, but they never went beyond your idea and services to really dive into your numbers and told you to hire an accountant. You hired an accountant but they’re not educating or guiding you in your business, they just help you file your taxes and pay CRA! You need more financial support and have no one in your corner. 


A one-of-a-kind DIY CFO Program with monthly support program that will help you build an incredibly rock-solid financial base for your business so you can finally live the life of ease & abundance you became an entrepreneur for!  

This program is for you if you’re

  • Not sure what you need to know for the financial foundation of your business 
  • Experiencing cash flow issues that are stressing you out 
  • Want to predict the future by knowing what’s coming in, going out, and paying yourself 
  • your business is growing steadily and rapidly, and it may be time to transition from a sole proprietorship to incorporated but have no idea how to take those next steps 
  • You have a business, but you don’t know where to start with financial information that you’re expected to use when planning your business 

What You Learn






What you Get?

Templates designed to help you with your

  • Money mindset
  • Personal goals & Net worth
  • Business plan
  • Business finances & Cash flow

A 90-minute consultation with a financial expert

1 year of group coaching with a financial expert

Brainstorming with other business owners


Put your money where the worth is. Here’s what Bizbuddy enrollments are saying about the program!

“Shalini has consistently offered sound advice, helping me navigate my financial journey from sole proprietor to newly incorporated, while raising a family. Her expertise is delivered with professionalism, candor and encouragement. She makes my entrepreneurial journey and financial planning less daunting! With help from her easy to learn spreadsheets and templates, Shalini has helped create more order in a critical aspect of my business. With her continued support, I look forward to a strong financial future for my business”

Lois Hudgens

“As I am launching my own business, I recently joined the ‘Bizbuddy’ program facilitated by Shalini Dharna. Shalini’s expertise is obvious, and she flexed to her audience of entrepreneurs who needed the basics! Her examples were excellent and made what could be dry material into really interesting and relevant information. So important for me to understand how to set things up right from the beginning. I also really appreciated her spreadsheet as a support going forward.”

Kim Canda

Looking for a one-on-one consultation? Join my CFO Day!

*If customers make the payment with thrivecart in 4 payments, they have to pay 3000

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